With over 10,000 events under its belt, consistency, quality and excellence are the foremost values that Kwality Catering delivers time and again. Be it weddings and other social events, large scale corporate events, exhibitions or conferences, Kwality Events& Catering equipped with modern infrastructure and professional systems ensures that every event is executed with uncompromising commitment.

It is for this commitment to high standards, efficiency and superior delivery that Kwality has, for years, been the service provider of choice. Ranging from mega-events of national stature such as the Common Wealth Games and F-1 Grand Prix, or high profile international events such as World Bank Conferences, Embassy National Days or large scale exhibitions Kwality has always maintained highest standards of performance.

Kwality Events & Catering also seeks to be known for being an innovator amongst its peers, offering clients a wide range of cuisines alongwith delightful taste and responsive service. When called upon to offer bespoke services, we go the extra mile to ensure that everything from linen, crockery, cutlery and uniforms to the food ingredients are customised to individual preferences backed by the special Kwality touch.


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Gaylord Catering, an arm of UK's leading Indian restaurant Gaylord, offers the whole of the world's cuisine on one platter. With immaculate planning and meticulous execution, Gaylord Catering exemplifies how great food, great people and great service can deliver perfection. Visit our website www.gaylordcatering.co.uk.

Gaylord Catering
79-81, Mortimer Street,
London W1W 7SJ

As stalwarts in the hospitality industry, the Kwality Group is one of the first few to formalise and professionally scale up its catering services by investing in a mass food production facility that maintains quality, consistency and hygiene standards. The Kwality Commissary is a state-of-the-art facility encompassing 20,000sq.ft. space with the most modern culinary equipment. It consists of five kitchens Indian, Chinese, Continental, Butchery and Patisserie and are run by our experienced team of over 90 dedicated chefs who manage operations under strict quality control mandates in each of these five kitchens. Menus for the day are meticulously planned and culinary masterpieces are created that match those offered by any five star hotel kitchens. Know more